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Learn How To Generate A Stream Of Patients By Effectivly Harnessing The Power of Video 


Are you struggling to find a way to attract new patients? How about something with a much lower cost per acquisition then traditional marketing methods? My name is John Morabito and I’m the creator of Dental Whiteboard Videos. A truly unique way to instantly capture your potential patients attention, keep them captivated in your message, and easily convert more prospects into happy paying patients.

Before I tell you more about Dental Whiteboard Videos, let me tell you my story…

In the fall of 2011 I began working side by side with one of THE best marketing minds in dentistry and a very successful practice management and marketing coach. After years of sitting at the right hand ( literally!) of such a great marketing mind a thing or 2 has rubbed off and sparked a passion for marketing, and in particular marketing dentistry. 

I started this company with one goal in mind…To  offer a truly unique one of a kind service that combines  my knowledge of how YOUR industry works,  and the skills of digital marketing and video production that I have been cultivating over the past

Before We Take A Look at an Example of One Of These Patient MAGNET Videos,
Lets Dive Into The Top 6 Reasons Why You Absolutely MUST Be Using Videos In Your Marketing

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine – larger than Bing or Yahoo and it’s only getting bigger!

2. Approximately 75% of online viewers interact with video ads in a month. And that’s conservative figure…

3. 90% of online shoppers find videos useful when deciding to make a purchase. That includes YOUR patients

4. 80% of users remember a video ad they watched the past month. 46% of them took a specific action in response to the video.

5. The Clicks and Views are Cheaper! Where as you may pay $3-5 per CLICK for an ad about a root canal, a view on a video about the same service can cost as little as  10 CENTS!

6. Google LOVES Video! While it can take you YEARS of hard work to show up on the front page of google with your website, I personally have gotten videos on FIRST page of google for HIGH competition key words in less than a WEEK.

Now That You Understand Just How VITALLY Important Video Can Be For Your Practice, Lets Take a Look at a Real Live Example Videos!

Here Is What Whiteboard Animation Videos do for Your Practice:

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos can increase understanding by 51% (University of California).
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos have the potential to go ‘Viral’, and be seen by millions of people looking for Dental expertise. Going Viral also usually results in free television coverage for the content of video.
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos will engage visitors to your website, keep them interested and on your site longer, and reduce your bounce rate.
  • Your Whiteboard Animation Videos on YouTube can also drastically increase traffic to your website!
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos are a great way to into deeper detail on complex treatments.
  • You can also use Whiteboard Animation Videos as part of your after-care, showing your patients how to use better Dental Hygiene, and how to care for themselves after certain procedures.
  • The cost of a completely Custom Whiteboard Animation Video is less than what you charge for a moderately priced Porcelain Crown!

Why Choose Dental Whiteboard Videos?

Years of working around dentists, and even more years of producing a WIDE variety of digital media and videos have afforded me the UNIQUE position that I’m not sure ANY other marketing video production company has. With me producing your video you get a real live person who you can call at any time, who will LISTEN to you, but won’t just tell you what you want to hear. I understand that WE ARE NOT OUR TARGET MARKET, therefor we have to rely on whats been tested an proven. Whiteboard videos are just that, proven and effective. What better combination than having someone produce one for you who actually understands your industry, your worries, your dreams for your practice and what it takes to drive real PATIENTS into the practice, not just the “tire kickers”. Did you know that the average life time value of a dental patient is anywhere from $2400 to as much as $4000 depending on your area. For just about the value of HALF a BAD patient you can have a video that can bring patients that are there for YOU and the quality dentistry you offer, not just there for the lowest price.

When you decide to create a production with Dental Whiteboard Videos, you can rest assured that the investment you are making in your business will be money well spent. The reason for this is we have a pretty simple policy. We like many children were taught to treat others as we would like to be treated, and in that spirit we treat each and every client with the same amount of attention. Furthermore, we won’t stop until you are 110% thrilled with the final product.

What Have Past Clients of Mine Had To Say About My Work?

“If you’re looking for a $25,000 quality video for a tiny tiny fraction of that price, then Dental Whiteboard Videos is the place for you. Not only are they SUPER talented, but what I loved the most is how dedicated Dental Whiteboard Videos was to our project. There were many last minute changes during our launch and JD was nice enough to put in a lot of hours just to make sure we had our end product in time. We couldn’t be any happier with JD”


Nido Abdo
Info. Marketing Copywriter/Marketing Strategist

“John has created another masterpiece! I would highly recommend this company, as he goes “above and beyond” expectations every time.”


Premiere Natural Health

“I have been using John Morabito of Toonvertising for about 6 months on all of my video and graphic work. He has always exceed my expectations from a product quality and delivery standpoint with limited feedback or direction. His creativity makes it very easy to get videos to my clients in a timely manner and they always have that wow factor.”


Adam Heller
Elite Market Links LLC.
We offer whiteboard animation videos of the highest quality by not actually using stop-motion but rather utilizing computer animation which allows for more creativity and control. Whiteboard Animation videos are a great way to get your message out there, explain your product or service, generate leads, and even go viral! As with any of your video production needs, we handle these sorts of videos start to finish including any combination of the following: script writing / copy writing, storyboards, voice talent casting and recording, music selection & production, and animation.

Sometimes as cool as a animated video can be, it’s just not the right format to deliver your message. That’s where what we call our “live shoot” team comes in. Whether it be in our NYC studios or where ever you are, we can create videos that will deliver your content or message in a way that will leave your viewers begging for more!

So Whats This All Cost?

As I stated earlier, for LESS than the cost of a moderately priced  porcelain crown, you can have a FULLY custom video. Other providers of this will charge you THOUSANDS for a video such as this one, similarly there might be people out there selling this service for less, but I PROMISE you they couldn’t point to tooth # 9 or a maxillary molar if their life depended on it. Before you waist money on someone charging too much, or someone who doesn’t have the SPECIFIED experience and knowledge that I do, check this out…

I’ll Create a FULLY custom video including custom art, and voiceover with a 30 day turnaround for

JUST $499.99 Per/Min

Just tell me what service or treatment you’re looking to target and I’ll handle the rest! We suggest a 2 minute minimum as our studies find that contrary to popular belief, the longer the better when it comes to video content on the web! In fact its PROVEN that videos 5 minutes and over rank much better within google and youtube rankings.

So now that you’ve heard my story, lets talk a bit about why Dental Whiteboard Videos work so well. With consumers exposed to an average of 2000-5000 ads per DAY, people have become practically IMMUNE to old methods of advertising. Like most practice owners, you might’ve invested some of your hard earned money into an advertising message that fell on deaf ears. IF you’re looking for a proven and reliable way to get your message to the world and (finally) start seeing a positive ROI from your ad dollars, then you’ve come to the right place.

Schedule a FREE strategy session with me personally below and I’ll show you exactly how we can help you convert more leads into sales, without any risk to you.

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When you set up a consultation you’ll be on the line with the owner himself discussing exactly how a Toonvertising video can benefit your marketing efforts and convert more prospects into paying consumers. Please set aside up to 30 minutes for the call.

We will also discus:

  • Custom Art
  • Voice Actor Selection
  • Music Selection
  • Script writing if needed
  • Pricing
  • The turnaround on your project


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